Black Earth Premium – Granule Hardness Comparison

Black Earth Premium is our flagship soil substrate that is unique both in the formulation and the manufacturing process.  Check out our new short clip on the out-of-the-bag granule hardness of Black Earth Premium.  Read more..


Substrate System

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Premium Glassware

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Plant Nutrients

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Black Earth Premium: Substrate cleanliness

One of the unique qualities of Black Earth Premium is the lack of dust and debris that clouds the aquarium during startup.  Check out this video to see just how clean our substrate is.

Flow by Yoda

“Flow” – an awe-inspiring 45x30x30 cm nano tank created by Yoda won 1st place at the 2015 Aquac1ub Thailand Aquascaping contest.

CLIP and CLIPn CO2 Checker

Highlight of our unique CLIP and CLIPn CO2 checker designed specially for small tanks.

“Layers” by Yoda

"Layers" Creator: Yoda 2nd Place 4th AquaC1ub Thailand Aquascaping Contest 2017 Tank size: 45x30x30 cm [...]

“River Flows in You” by Eakthanut Isarathikul

"River Flows in You" Creator: Eakthanut Isarathikul 1st Place 4th AquaC1ub Thailand Aquascaping [...]

“Cave of Souls” by Ittipong Deewan

"Cave of Souls" Creator: Ittipong Deewan 4th AquaC1ub Thailand Aquascaping Contest 2017 Tank size: [...]

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