Substrate enhancer for planted aquariums
Multi-R supplies the substrate with slow-releasing micronutrients and bioavailable iron using a unique extended-release technology.  This helps maintain the overall fertility and sustains healthy, vibrant plant growth.

  • Long-term iron and trace elements for demanding setups.
  • Enhance plant color and form
  • Reduce long-term maintenance

Plants such as Echinodorus or Cryptocoryne are demanding root feeders and absorb most of their nutrients through their root system. They greatly benefit from having a rich substrate with extra iron and microelements. Although iron and microelements may naturally exist in large amounts in substrates, they are often present in mineral forms that can not be readily used by plants. It is important not only to supply these nutrients in sufficient amounts, but they need to be in a form that plants can readily used, or else it will lead to slow, unhealthy plant growth.

MULTI-R provides a long-term source for iron and trace elements to demanding plants and heavy root- feeders. Made from nutrient-infused, stabilized montmorillonite clay, the nutrients will slowly diffuse from the stabilized matrix to plant roots, providing sustained nourishment as the plants grow. MULTI-R’s stabilized granules hold together under water, and will not disperse and cloud the water during pruning and maintenance. Over time, the nutrients slowly become available and keep the substrate fertile for healthy, long-term growth.

Spread 1-2 leveled spoonful (spoon provided) evenly on top of Green Base XR or on bottom of aquarium for every 1 ft2 (30 cm x 30 cm) area. Cover evenly with substrate. Safe for fish and shrimps.

For freshwater aquarium use only.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight

Content size:  200 ml.