Green Base XR


See The Difference!

Green Base XR is an easy way to achieve low maintenance, successful long term planted tanks. The unique combination of advanced technology and specially-selected composition slowly supplies both macro and micronutrients to the substrate through physical, chemical, and biological mechanisms. This results in lower maintenance, less algae outbreaks, and lower costs over the long term.

What makes Green Base XR unique?

There is much more to Green Base XR than what meets the eye. All the components in Green Base XR are carefully chosen and work synergistically together to keep your substrate fertile longer and your plants healthier with minimal maintenance.

1. Advanced extended release, polymer-controlled nutrient granules
The heart of Green Base XR consists of polymer-controlled, nutrient granules which release macronutrients and trace elements at a consistent and controlled rate.
The granules also contain humic and fulvic acids to help stabilize nutrients and enhance absorption by plants. The advanced polymer technology has been designed and tested to provide stable nutrient release rates underwater, thus avoiding large spikes leading to algae breaks and unsafe levels for inhabitants.
Most importantly, the technology makes possible for year-long active nutrient release. Thus, keeping your substrate fertile significantly longer than other methods. The result is vibrant plant growth with less maintenance.

2. High porosity, high CEC, nutrient loaded montmorillonite granules
Unlike products that use inert pumice stones which itself has no significant nutrients or nutrient binding abilities, porous montmorillonite is rich in trace elements especially iron, manganese, and magnesium.

With over 22 square meters of surface area per gram and high cationic exchange capacity, it serves as a highly efficient nutrient storage and exchange matrix in addition to providing large surface area for bacterial colonization. Healthy colonization of bacteria helps stabilize the ecosystem and breakdown wastes into nutrients that plants can absorb, thus providing a secondary method of fertilization.

The granules have just the correct degree of hardness to prevent substrate compaction but yet still allow slow leaching of nutrients and minerals from inside the granules. It will not raise the total hardness or alkalinity, nor will it dissolve and cloud the water. Once loaded with nutrients, the granules act as an efficient secondary extended release matrix, slowly providing nutrients and minerals to plants overtime.

Image: The porous and nutrient-rich montmorillonite stimulates fine root growth

3. High affinity, special-type activated carbon
Not all activated carbon are the same. The type of raw material, the carbonization process, as well as the activation method all affect the purity, pore size, degree of affinity, as well as the type of molecules adsorbed. Unlike less expensive activated carbon, Green Base XR uses high-grade, steam-activated carbon and thus ensures that no harmful activation chemical residues are present. Moreover, we have selected the type that shows the highest affinity for dissolved humic and fulvic acids as well as ammonia. This thus acts as a secondary reservoir that locks in nutrients and slowly releasing them over time while keeping your aquarium water clean and clear.

4. Biobacter
Green Base XR contains essential bacteria to help jump-start the cycling process as well as prevent excessive spikes in ammonia level in newly setup aquariums. The microbes also help breakdown organic compounds into water-soluble nutrients that can be immediately used by plants or adsorbed and stored in activated carbon and montmorillonite granules for long term use.

Use directions

Tank size (LxWxH: cm) Tank volume Green Base XR
60x30x45 80 liters/20 gallons 2 liters
90x45x45 180 liters/50 gallons 4-6 liters
120x45x45 240 liters/65 gallons 6-8 liters
180x60x60 640 liters/170 gallons 16-18 liters

1. Open bag and spread evenly onto bottom of aquarium. Do not wash or rinse before use.
2. Cover base layer completely with at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of fine gravel or soil substrate
3. Carefully add water, taking care not to disturb the substrate layer.

For freshwater aquarium use only. Keep away from children.
Store unused portion tightly closed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight