Project Description

Entry #11 Mr. Ittipong Deewan

Mr. Ittipong Deewan

Owner of Protae Aqua Club

The Thai version can be found here.

My inspiration

Thank you to all the sponsors that make a great event like this possible.

Substrex helps reduce clouding due to substrate dust and debris.

AZOO liquid fertilizer. Complete with organic nutrients for both red and green plants. Easily absorbed.

Green Base XR is a base substrate designed for long-term lush growth

MULTI-R substrate additive that supplies iron and trace elements that helps accelerate growth and maintains plant colors.  It also helps reduce algae outbreaks.

Black Earth (normal) is rich in organic acids and maintains slightly acidic water conditions that help fish and plant growth.  The granules have a naturally black color and are hard and will last a long time.  They are also porous and facilitates bacterial growth which will help maintain water quality and reduce wastes inside the aquarium.

Premium-grade aquarium from Aqu@mind.

Chihiros A-SERIES LED lights.  High quality, reasonably-priced, and capable of growing plants.  Sleek and slim design.

AZOO Carbon Plus.  Liquid carbon for aquatic plants. Easily absorbed and prevents thread and black beard algae.

Azoo Red Adven.  Liquid fertilizers formulated for red plants. Helps stimulate anthrocyanin and red color in plants ans well as help red plants grow naturally without causing algae growth.

Supreme Bioguard is a concentrated bacteria solution that helps prevent disease ourbreaks and reduces water toxins.  Helps digests wastes such as leftover food, fish wastes, etc.

The raw materials that I used for this tank.  I chose wood that are quite slim and has lots of patterns that I think goes will with the layout I have in mind.

Arranging the wood into a tin can to be boiled.

Boil the wood for some time then turn off the heat.  Leave the wood soaked in the water over night (the water will turn black)

Now we sort the boiled wood into different sizes.  If there are large pieces, we can tear or cut it into smaller ones before sharpening the tip to make them look natural.

Assembling the mountain range by first placing the large pieces. After that use the smaller pieces to add in details.

View from above.

Silicone and liquid glue for securing the wood to the tank.

Using the liquid glue to join two pieces of wood.  The glue will hold the pieces together very strongly (it also depends on the brand of the glue as well)

Use silicone to attach wood to wood, and wood to glass, will help prevent the wood from floating or moving. (I use Crocodile brand since I think it is strong yet flexible enough).

Picture of the top arch.

Picture from the back showing where I secured the wood to glass. 

If you get silicone on places you don’t want, you can scrape it away using a blade. 

Adding pumice stones to the back. 

After adding pumice stones, we then put down Green Base XR base substrate.

View from the front after finished assembling. 

Step 1, sprinkle Multi-R with iron and trace elements.

Step 2, sprinkle Substrex that helps reduces water clouding due to substrate dust and debris.

Step 3. Pour Black Earth soil into crevices and cracks between wood while using a brush to help level the soil.

Creating a path to guide the eyes.  Now we have the finished layout.