Project Description

Entry #9 Mr. Anant Tangdamronboon

Mr. Anant Tangdamronboon

The Thai version can be found here:

Thank you to all the sponsors that make this even happen.

SUBSTREX helps clarify the water.  I use one spoonful.

MULTI-R helps plants retain their color and reduces algae growth.  I use one spoonful. 

They way I use them is to sprinkle lightly over the bottom of the tank.

After adding Multi-R and Substrex, I will be using Green Base XR for long-term healthy plant growth.  After that, I use Black Earth soil which is rich in organic nutrients and helps maintain good water conditions.

Starting to place the rocks.  The rocks that I use are Zenryu stones which have lots of patterns.   I start by placing the main stones where I want them.

Followed by medium and smaller stones.

After the left side is done, then comes the right.

I put more rocks in the left and right side.  If you look carefully, the rocks on the left will appear a bit thicker than the right in a 3:2 ration.  This prevents the layout from looking too symmetric.  

Working on the details by placing small rocks that appear like the top of mountains and increase the perceived depth of the scape. 

The result is pretty close to what I had in mind but there may still be some more details which I will get to later.  

Once I have the layout that I want, it is time to plant.  I chose HC (tissue-cultured), Rotala ‘vietnam’, Rotala ‘green’.   I have to admit this is my first time using stem plants so I needed to study up quite a bit.

I really like the patterns on the rocks.

Planting is done.  Will give it some time to see how I want to proceed.

About 2 weeks after setup, there appears to be green slime algae on the rocks so I used a toothbrush to scrub them out.

Remove as much algae as possible.

Once I am done with scrubbing the algae out, I do a water change and add in critters that help control algae such as horned Nerite snails and cherry shrimps.

Waiting to see what the results are.